Family Circle Magazine Stadium, Charleston, SC

Family Circle Magazine Stadium is located at 161 Seven Farms Drive on Daniel Island in Charleston, South Carolina. The site consists of a main tennis stadium with a 10,200 seat capacity, sixteen tennis courts located adjacent to the tennis stadium and a two-story, 10,000 square foot clubhouse. Since its inception in 1973, the Family Circle Cup tournament featuring top players such as Eugenie Bouchard, Elena Makarova and Andrea Petkovic, has been sponsored by Family Circle magazine, the first women’s magazine to back a professional women’s sporting event. The magazine also holds the record for the longest-running tournament sponsor in professional tennis.

Tobias & West, LLC was asked to perform a structural property condition assessment of the stadium based upon the current ASTM industry standard. During this process we used the structural drawings to confirm that all framing members and connections were installed as shown on the plans. Additionally, structural concerns or non-conformances observed were documented and repair recommendations provided where applicable. The report provided recommendations concerning specific structural issues with future potential financial risk or liability to the client. The recommendations were classified into immediate as well as long-term repairs. An overall condition of the structure was also provided based upon the age and level of repairs required.

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