With its renowned restaurants, tourism and all around industrial growth, South Carolina is thriving in new commercial building activity. Whether you are one of the many companies relocating from another state, or you are already experiencing the success that South Carolina offers, allow Tobias & West to design your next commercial building project. We specialize in the design of single and multi-story commercial buildings and are skilled at dealing with high seismic areas that have weak soil conditions and liquefiable soils. There are various existing challenges when working with many different types of materials for architectural aesthetic requirements. We are focused on finding solutions to the challenges that the architecture can provide and work hard to find structure that will fit within those constraints.

Tobias & West has enjoyed designing commercial buildings since 2003 such as the Town Center Retail Building (Mt. Pleasant), the Mixson Bath and Racquet Club (North Charleston), Hamburger Joe’s (N. Myrtle Beach), Lowes Foods grocery store (Carolina Forest) and many others that you can view on our website. We listen to our client’s needs, and are constantly aware of building code requirements and as a result are always seeking new technological discoveries to share with our clients to limit risk and safeguard their interests. Although no one can control seismic activity, you can influence reduction of loss by knowledgeable experience and artistry of framework and design. When we complete a project, you can rest assure that it will stand the test of time as we will confidently stand behind the results.

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