Knights Companies, Summerville, SC

Originally established in 1969, Knights Companies has grown to be a medley of 5 individual branches that offer concrete, precast concrete slabs, septic tank services, delivery trucks and block manufacturing. They are a benchmark in the construction industry as a team of professionals with state of the art equipment and facilities to manufacture and deliver quality products and service for South Carolina. Knights Companies hired Tobias & West for their expertise and experience to implement their design to build a new production plant for the precast concrete branch.

This new plant is composed of four contrasting pre-engineered metal buildings that total over 70,000 square feet. It includes a material handling system to increase productivity, maximize space and improve safety, which includes two cement silos, and four 100 ton aggregate bins for optimal storage efficiency. Each of these structures was designed for the code-required site-specific wind and seismic loads to accede ground movements.

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