Gloverville Elementary School, Aiken, SC

The mission of Gloverville Elementary is to prepare all students to become confident, academically proficient, responsible, and caring citizens. Therefore, Tobias & West was pleased to be a part of the upgrading renovations involved in building a place where they can grow and fulfill this mission. It was a great honor to partner with Gloverville that recognizes the value of education. These upgrades and renovations will benefit their students and staff for many years to come.

Tobias & West designed a Walkway Addition and Renovation. They worked with the architect to design a new wheelchair accessible ramp to provide covered access between buildings. The new structure consisted of steel framing supported by a shallow foundation. The walls were designed out of stainless steel wire mesh to maintain an open feel to the breezeway, but provide additional shelter from wind and rain. The existing breezeway was redesigned to provide better cover from the elements and bring a new look to this area of the building.

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