Charleston Skatepark Currently Under Construction Will Open Fall 2016

The Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission’s new skatepark is a 25 acre site located at 1549 Oceanic Street and overlooks the Ashley River marshes.

Tobias & West, LLC designed the concrete structure for the skate park, retaining walls and the 2,000 square foot elevated park office building structure. This site is challenging because it is an old concrete batch plant site adjacent to marshland. Since the soils are very soft; much planning and coordination was done with the Geotechnical Engineer (Terracon). The site was surcharged with over 10 feet of fill material for over 6 months to help reduce any future settlement from the construction on this site.

The skatepark will have over 30,000 square feet of skateable surface with competition bowls, snake and street skating areas.

More information and updates can be found at the Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission’s website.

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